The Bunker
A top-secret bunker, built to house Congress in the event of a nuclear attack has been in operation for over 30 years. Now, the secret is exposed. The man who kept the bunker ready for WWIII reveals details of the plans.
Mars Attack
NASA is bringing soil back from Mars. Do microbes from Mars threaten life on Earth? Learn how scientists are going to extraordinary measures to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial life forms.
Doomsday at the Dead Sea
Discover the apocalyptic prophesies of one of the earliest known doomsday cults, and learn how their writings influenced the birth of Christianity.
Digital Doomsday
Cyber-terrorism could bring the world to its knees. Can the U.S. defend against cyber-terrorism? Learn how the U.S. may have already used digital warfare to crush Iraq.


Premiere broadcast on the Discovery Channel -- December 1997


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