The True Story of Troy
The truth behind a tale so powerful, it inspired 3,000 years of myth and legend, and may have changed the course of history.
It's the site of the most legendary war in history and the Western world's oldest adventure story. It begins with a beauty contest and ends with a giant wooden horse unleashing death and destruction. Now, archaeologists, literary detectives, and military analysts are uncovering evidence that the mythological Trojan War and the legendary city of Troy is real. From archaeological trenches at ancient Troy and the citadel fortress of King Agamemnon, to Homer and Hollywood, we search for the true story of Troy.
The story of Troy--the exploits of the nearly invincible Achilles, valiant Hector, the beautiful Helen, and the king of kings, Agamemnon--addresses many aspects of history and the human condition including questions particularly relevant today: When is war justified? And at what point is war made senseless by its awful cost?
Vivid 3-D animation, re-enactments of battles, interviews with the world's leading experts, and exclusive film footage from sites of archaeological digs, bring the history of Troy to life.

"The kind of documentary teachers and parents would want their children to watch." -- NY Times

Premiere broadcast on the History Channel -- Sunday, May 16 at 8-10pm ET/PT

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