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Aren Maeir (one of the scholars featured in the show) posts about the upcoming airing of The Bible's Buried Secrets.

More from Dr. Jim West here and here.

Ketuvim: the Writings of James R. Getz Jr.

Biblia Hebraica-
I think the program looks interesting. Better than the typical "Mysteries of the Bible" things that come out every so often...


U.S. Conference for Catholic Bishops- (scroll down to the bottom)

"The origins of the Hebrew Scriptures...are shrouded in obscurity. Most scholars now reject the long-held belief that Moses was the author of the Torah, or first five books of the Bible. Instead, they see them as products of a long oral tradition, the stories being passed down in different versions before eventually being woven into the text we know. 'The Bible's Buried Secrets,' an intriguing, sometimes provocative look at how contemporary archaeology sheds light on this process..."